Opendo grows thanks to you! More and more partners and industry professionals are joining our ecosystem to offer you useful services for your daily life.
If you're looking for a simple LMS, then you should check out Shifumi and its very interesting offer!
Spoiler alert: a special offer at the end of the article thanks to Opendo. Everything may not be useful but you can choose to grow with the solutions that the site offers.

What Shifumi offers
Shifumi is first and foremost an association of professionals involved and oriented towards exchange.
Three levels of membership are available to you.
Let's detail them together!

- The first membership offer is based on sharing, since you will be able to discover shared content, both in writing and during the numerous webinars, on the best practices of the profession.
- A second level of membership allows you to benefit from active monitoring of Qualiopi. Useful for those who have undertaken the process or who wish to undertake this certification. Here again, in order not to be alone and to stay informed, joining Shifumi can be an excellent solution.
- Finally, of course, the last level of subscription to Shifumi allows you to put your training content online and market it and create content with the Shifumi LMS.

Why Shifumi?
It is also the story of a meeting and several exchanges with Stéphanie, the founder! We appreciated the tiered approach of the Shifumi offer which can correspond to key moments in the evolution of the company for some of our customers. When starting out, not everything may be useful but you can choose to grow with the solutions offered by the site.

Our advice and your advantage
To get started, it can be useful to be part of groups. We know this, it's what we do on Linkedin for example in the groups related to animation and training. And it continues with Shifumi.
So to start, why not start with the discovery offer? Well, that's exactly what our partnership is about. Thanks to Opendo, you will be able to test the first level of the membership offer for free for 1 month, the one that allows you to get information and access the Shifumi knowledge base. Discover for 1 month the community and the key information of your sector! It can only be beneficial!
To access the offer, here is the link to the form reserved for Opendo