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Thanks to Quiz, Whiteboard, Poll (and more),
interact with your participants

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Your first steps with Opendo


  • You install the Animator app from your favorite store or via this page.

  • You prepare for your session by choosing the activities you are going to use.

  • You start your session and invite the participants for a dynamic interaction session!

  • After your session, you export the data and publications of your participants to ensure traceability and analysis.


  • You install the Participant app from your favorite store or via this page.

  • You fill in your profile.

  • You enter the connection code provided by your facilitator.

  • You interact with the group through the activities triggered by the facilitator.

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Bring fun *
to your next training sessions

* as well as simplicity, success, dynamism and reliability

Activities available


Want to break the ice? This "ice breaker" module allows participants to present themselves differently.


The essential! This module allows you to create multiple choice questions or assessment quizzes with various options: time limit, random order of questions and precise counting of points. Everything you need to create quizzes as devious as your imagination can imagine.


Out of post it notes?
No problem ! With this module, you no longer need a flipchart or post-its stuck on the wall to germinate the creativity of a brainstorming session, and your participants can give free rein to their imagination.


Do you want to know the opinion of your group? In a few clicks, this module allows you to create a simple and effective survey.

Question for a champion

May the fastest win!
This module is our best seller: it allows you to create a dynamic atmosphere within your group by playing under the same playing conditions as the eponymous game. To your buzzers… Top!


Do you need to do a live assessment?
This module allows you to prepare your evaluation grid, to complete it live for each participant and possibly to edit it afterwards.

QR Code

Do you want to spice up the session?
This module allows you to create QR codes to which media or quizzes are assigned. Once these QR codes have been printed, your participants just have to scan them to access the information. Ideal for technical training in an industrial space (workshop, assembly bench, production line) or to create a treasure hunt.

More other activities
and fun features

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Opendo contributions

Fun and simple, ok.
But what does it bring you concretely?

at design

Right from the start, we're here to support you from design to first LIVE use.


You homogenize the quality by sharing your sessions with your team. Via the cloud or by file. Easy as pie !

and analysis

You can export all the data to Excel to manipulate them according to your habits or opt for a PDF report for your participants.

Available on all devices
and all OS


Free and without limitation
for 1 facilitator and 2 participants

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